1. Carbon fiber mat pre oxidation furnace

      Release date:2012-12-05 12:03:00

      Carbon fiber mat pre oxidation furnace

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      1、 Equipment application field

      Rtxw-1400 / 12 mesh belt pre oxidation furnace is specially designed and applied to asphalt based and PAN based carbon fiber felt for high temperature heat treatment under 350 ℃. The furnace design fully considers and understands the preparation process requirements of high-performance carbon fiber materials, and tries to meet the key and special requirements.The furnace is designed independently according to the requirements of material preparation process. The furnace is heated by hot air circulation, and the thermal insulation materials are insulated by ultra light materials; the temperature control is controlled by imported single circuit single point temperature controller, which has the characteristics of temperature control accuracy and high temperature stability; the overall energy consumption of the equipment is low, and the appearance is clean.It is an ideal equipment for pilot batch production.


      2、 Superior performance of equipment

      Because of the professional kiln design concept, rich experience in fiber material specific kiln design, in line with the design idea of fully combining the user's technological needs.In addition to the basic properties of kiln, the following properties of our products are more superior:

      1Strong compliance - fully understand the user's process requirements, and determine the furnace structure when designing; in terms of material selection, select high-quality suppliers, so as to ensure that the performance of the whole machine can meet the use of the user's product heat treatment process as much as possible after the equipment is delivered.

      2High efficiency and reasonable cost - reasonable material selection and scientific calculation combined with rich experience, the installed energy consumption of equipment is very close to the actual demand energy consumption, greatly reducing the later use cost of users.

      3Accurate and stable temperature: the unique control mode, reasonable power distribution, accuracy and stability of temperature have reached the best state, thus greatly improving the quality of heat treatment of users' products.

      4High safety - due to the exothermic reaction of the product in the heat treatment production process, in order to avoid the fire caused by heat concentration and affect the safety of personnel and equipment, the equipment is equipped with independent fire safety measures.


      3、 Main performance parameters and indexes of equipment

      1. Equipment name: pre oxidation furnace (mesh belt type)

      2. Specification and model: rtxw-1400 / 12

      3. Maximum temperature: 350 ℃; service temperature: RT ~ 300 ℃ (continuously adjustable)

      4. Effective height of furnace mouth: 110mm;

      5. Mesh belt width: 1400mm;

      6. Net belt speed: 200-500mm / min

      7. Mesh belt material: SUS321 stainless steel

      8. Effective zone length of furnace chamber: 22000mm = 4 × 5000mm + 2000mm (inlet and outlet platform)

      9. Temperature uniformity: ± 3 ℃


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